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Podcast 68 : 向郭美美专辑致敬 ~


今天这集,老黄瓜哪根葱向你们背书,如果你喜欢以前那集关于 元气 gboys 的话,你不可以不听这集。

这是第一次我们两个合作录 podcast ,自己录自己大笑 (除了上次那个疯掉的跨年 podcast )

podcast 向郭美美专辑致敬 !


  1. 笑死我了!你们也太high了吧,哈哈!<br />
    “kiwi kiwi鸡! kiwi kiwi虫!”<br />
    <br />
    美美干脆就一直保留这样的曲风吧,反正不大卖也至少会有新闻。不能做<br />
    到number 1,当最烂也好!
    版主回覆:(11/04/2010 02:55:27 AM)

  2. oh..我不知道春泥背后的故事,只觉得那是赖铭伟有史以来唱得最动人的<br />
    一次。刚刚重新去听才发现真的耶。。重头到尾都是对着美珍唱的!!!<br />
    版主回覆:(11/04/2010 02:55:27 AM)

  3. still prefer a female winner. dun really think that guy deserves to win the <br />
    title. top 3 maybe still ok. but No.1? others deserve that title more.<br />
    <br />
    anyway, i typed a lot abt Jocie yest but dunno why the entry didn't get <br />
    submitted or posted. i think she is restrained by Warner from trying other <br />
    stuff besides singing cutesy songs lor since she is earning lots of $$ with <br />
    such songs in China so Warner most prob won't let her change style quite <br />
    soon since Warner dun have sure-win money trees at the moment already.<br />
    <br />
    Furthermore, Warner so smart. Spend little $$ to get Hagen to produce such <br />
    substandard songs for the whole album then they earn big bucks from China <br />
    market. but i think having too many cutesy songs in 1 album may be too over <br />
    already lor. i dun think children can take that either.<br />
    版主回覆:(11/04/2010 02:55:27 AM)

  4. oh yah. next week's programme on the battle of the groups, why never include <br />
    Yuan Wei Jue Xing?? Just simply cos' they are not as popular as the other 4 <br />
    groups?? cannot like that lah. include them, then will have a clear-cut <br />
    winner of the battle lor. haha!
    版主回覆:(11/04/2010 02:55:27 AM)

  5. haha, but… we dun really consider them as ou3 xiang4. haha<br />
    <br />
    at least they wrote the wholr album of songs
    版主回覆:(11/04/2010 02:55:27 AM)

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