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Podcast 75: 他们终于要发片了!





戴爱玲 天使之翼 4月11日发行。

JS 此生最美的风景 5月9日发行,FreshCdShop 也将举办预购。赠品:JS亲自拍摄传情明信片1组

卢广仲 首张创作专辑 5月23日发行,FreshCDShop 已经开始办预购了哦~ 4月29日截止预购。赠品暂时还没有公布,但是会有就对了。




  1. 卢广仲 can still be nominated for TW GMA next year because from this year <br />
    onwards, GMA is going to change the award to be most promising (zui4 you2 <br />
    qian3 li4) new singer award. So the eligibility is those who have not <br />
    released debut albums before. Not too sure about EPs but for those with <br />
    songs in OSTs before can be nominated too. For instance, Claire and Ding <br />
    Dang are eligible for 2008. So if EPs not counted, then 卢广仲 is also <br />
    eligible next year.
    版主回覆:(11/04/2010 02:55:37 AM)

  2. oh is it?? then it's a pity. make him eligible for FreshMusic awards <br />
    2008/2009 then he has a chance of winning the best new singer lor. at <br />
    least can get recognition here??
    版主回覆:(11/04/2010 02:55:37 AM)

  3. haha<br />
    <br />
    also cannot,haha. Bcos we also dun accept newcomers who release<br />
    EPs before. he can str8 away aim best album and best album<br />
    production and etc le. haha.
    版主回覆:(11/04/2010 02:55:37 AM)

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