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Podcast 78 : 啊!原来你有买这张专辑啊!



今天,小番茄和老黄瓜也要揭发我们的真面目,哈哈,翻开我们的 CD Rack 分享我们曾经竟然花钱买过的专辑!




  1. 哈哈,你们提到的专辑我都完全没听过,不过听起来其实都比现今市场上<br />
    版主回覆:(11/04/2010 02:55:39 AM)

  2. Saya got one song called 'Xu, Rang Wo Ku' in A Mei Mei's 2nd album. Very <br />
    nice!! They can actually sing quite well but the image then made them have <br />
    to sing cutesy songs…<br />
    <br />
    Yuki that time got pair up with Yanzi for promotion. So he sold better <br />
    than Hong Ai Li somehow. Then go into drama but not much exposure. Since <br />
    then, no more news of him.<br />
    <br />
    There's news of Stella making a comeback soon within this year. Let's see <br />
    whether has her music matured or not.<br />
    <br />
    Jerry Yan debut album really quite marked improvement but when you listen <br />
    to his later works in F4's latest album, you will be shocked by the <br />
    deprovement yet again. <br />
    <br />
    You want all the above CDs? No need to get from 2nd hand CD Shop. Can <br />
    borro from me!! I have all of them, including Tae!! Haha!
    版主回覆:(11/04/2010 02:55:39 AM)

  3. hahahaha!!!<br />
    <br />
    you actually had TAE!
    版主回覆:(11/04/2010 02:55:39 AM)

  4. OHNO.<br />
    每个人曾经都有过去。<br />
    我不要~~~~~<br />
    <br />
    我有王心凌的《爱你》!<br />
    版主回覆:(11/04/2010 02:55:39 AM)

  5. the person who bought that Yuki album was me, haha, and there's even his <br />
    signature, i sold it for the 抢救旧货大行动the other time, haha.
    版主回覆:(11/04/2010 02:55:39 AM)

  6. aiyo. if never buy these albums, my ears wouldn't be able to develop into <br />
    this pair today lor. haha! i also have China Dolls compilation. But at <br />
    least they were once nominated for TW GMA though apparently Genie Zhuo Wen <br />
    Xuan was one of the singers for them. Confusing industry.
    版主回覆:(11/04/2010 02:55:40 AM)

  7. aye, 现在走小S路线啊?每星期都要暴点!?呵呵<br />
    <br />
    i think i have scarier albums. i also have TAE, Yuki, all autographed somemore! faint..<br />
    <br />
    erh, i have a few from the 阳光系列 and FANNtasy also k! wahaha
    版主回覆:(11/04/2010 02:55:40 AM)

  8. hmm.. i got the whole collection of edison's album! haha
    版主回覆:(11/04/2010 02:55:40 AM)

  9. hmm i think the most kua zhang of my collection is 林志颖。i got 2 of his albums haha. <br />
    his singing sucks but still, the songs bring memories.<br />
    <br />
    and ohh i bought zai zai's second album because of 一时冲动,regretted it a lot cuz i <br />
    think i listened to it less than 5 times. wahaha.
    版主回覆:(11/04/2010 02:55:40 AM)

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