1. love the subtleness & nuances in landon's vocal expression of<br />
    falling in love…<br />
    the sound mix/palette pleases me much and the drum's toms remind<br />
    me of fairground attraction. <br />
    is this EP available at all cd stores?
    版主回覆:(11/04/2010 02:56:05 AM)
    i love his voice.
    i must admit it's really a common formulaic lo-fi indie voice
    but it really tugs and bites me to hear him sing.
    i bought this EP on amazon, when my friend was returning for his
    summer vacation. you could try HMV? or gramaphone capitol which
    has a new american indie shelf.

  2. as often said, common sense is hardly common. <br />
    i think the sound of simplicity & subtlety of this Coffee Shop<br />
    song hit a common ground within me. = ) <br />
    thanks for the leads…
    版主回覆:(11/04/2010 02:56:05 AM)

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