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Podcast 105 : 十万个为什么 ?





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十万个为什么 八婆版

十万个为什么 正音版


  1. I like the ba po version v v much. Ya u all can <br />
    release ep already. Can I buy? after listening, my <br />
    impression was one million ah ha <br />
    haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa……..<br />
    !!! <br />
    GirlF4 vs Li Yanjing vs Meixin vs Jessie Jiang Yu chen<br />
    <br />
    1) GirlF4<br />
    <br />
    What kind of singing standard is this? I even din <br />
    dare to see or touch the dirty album. Hey, Geylang <br />
    got so many… When u all free ah? I v hungry nw!<br />
    But suddenly i not hungry liao… I want to vommit… <br />
    cos these suckers make me think of shan jiang san jie <br />
    mei… these bloody women I remember at the Jacky Wu <br />
    programme shake their smelly backsides until I threw <br />
    my temper and threw a cup of water at the TV while I <br />
    was eating and watching the prog u knoe that time! <br />
    Irritating and I wander how many "dots" they have ah?
    版主回覆:(11/04/2010 02:56:28 AM)

  2. 2) Li Yan Jing<br />
    <br />
    Yup yup kang xi lai le she got attend the prog… <br />
    Chun zhen lan, wuo de "lan"… haha I'm going to sing <br />
    this song to my frds… I think my frds also "lan"- <br />
    dun bother me. Cannot even make it her singing, I <br />
    knoe she pretty lah. But haha her PK lose to Jessica <br />
    Song Xin ni, OB gd cos I feel that even Jessica <br />
    singing technique is far too better than her although <br />
    i knoe she release b4 an album and a ep N yrs back <br />
    but at least she got singing standard. That Li yan <br />
    jing "mai ke LAN" lah.
    版主回覆:(11/04/2010 02:56:29 AM)

  3. 3) Meixin<br />
    <br />
    Yup yup meixin release a "shun jian" ep and I got buy <br />
    leh. How ah? She local. EP cheap mah, onli 8.90 but I <br />
    buy one enuf liao for my listening pleasure. But hor, <br />
    dunno y the sg music awards she can get nominated in <br />
    the newcomer categoy ah? V weird u knoe! I think she <br />
    is the worst out of so many newcomers being nominated.<br />
    and then hor, I understand she a bit fat lah frankly <br />
    speaking… but dunno is it baby fats or wat hor I <br />
    cannot guarantee lah… hahaha… anyway her voice is <br />
    so much better than the other 2 mentioned above cos <br />
    at least her voice and pronunciation is clearer which <br />
    I totally agree too. I heard she is releasing her 2nd <br />
    ep or new album v soon and her new song is <br />
    titled "mei tian"- pretty day, heard it liao, a bit <br />
    qing kuai. I mean frankly speaking her voice is <br />
    pleasantly sweet and nice but if she want to survive <br />
    in this music industry, really she got to take into <br />
    consideration her body weight lah.
    版主回覆:(11/04/2010 02:56:29 AM)

  4. 4) Jessie Chiang Yu Chen<br />
    <br />
    Omg I got buy her album for listening pleasure too u <br />
    knoe. Frankly speaking, the album is not so nan ting <br />
    but cut off those stupid rap songs. But lucky her <br />
    album got onli 2 rap songs which cannot make it, <br />
    including the 1st hit song, wuo de zu ti qu.<br />
    Like Genie when she just released her 15-yr old 1st <br />
    album which was so crazily shouting like a "CRAZY <br />
    PARTY ZOO"! Frankly speaking, Jay should find Hou Pei <br />
    Cheng rap better than her!!! Cos in Zhang Zhen yue OK <br />
    album, she got find Hou pei Cheng rap and her rap was <br />
    perfect OK! I think Jay merely got an intention <br />
    to "throw" Jolin away, then recruit her newbie Jessie <br />
    Chiang then the album make her look so like Jolin and <br />
    even some parts of Jessie voice also too resemble <br />
    Jolin leh… then hor he "di ko peh" go and "por" <br />
    Jessie release album so they can earn $ lah… Then <br />
    earn $ do what? Make love? haha… Jay lor… His <br />
    intention hor… I dunno lah… Got motive one I <br />
    版主回覆:(11/04/2010 02:56:29 AM)

  5. 聽了你們的podcast,讓我在辦公室噗哧笑了出來。<br />
    <br />
    聽完之后倒有點想聽聽他們的專輯。。。哈哈。 特別是江雨<br />
    晨的。。 想看看周董找了什么樣的人。。。
    版主回覆:(11/04/2010 02:56:29 AM)

  6. Oh ya Jiang yu chen pretty lah, Jay's fav.<br />
    <br />
    Btw… Jiang Yu Chen album rating I would give B- <br />
    compared to Meixin EP I would give C+ cos it's onli <br />
    an EP.<br />
    <br />
    版主回覆:(11/04/2010 02:56:29 AM)

  7. 其實我覺得江語晨那種﹐還比較像特色。<br />
    <br />
    版主回覆:(11/04/2010 02:56:29 AM)

  8. Ya I agree lah but Meixin actually can release album <br />
    one… her voice is better than Jessie except <br />
    her "body fats"… so she should slim down a bit as I <br />
    suspect she has "baby fats", so that might not be v <br />
    gd on her if she want to release her new album
    版主回覆:(11/04/2010 02:56:30 AM)

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