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Fresh 試聽 Review:J.Sheon《巷子内 The Alley》


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發行 Label:索尼音樂 Sony Music
製作 Production Unit:艾克斯娛樂 X Entertainment
製作人 Producer:剃刀蔣 Razor Chiang、賴暐哲 Steven Lai、羅維真 Holly Lou、馬仕釗 Morrison Ma、米奇林 MCKY Lin
配唱製作人 Vocal Producer:陳璿翔 Shawn Chen、羅維真 Holly Lou、剃刀蔣 Razor Chiang


《巷子內》文案寫道「更深入生活與內心」,搭配著與前作風格迥異的抒情曲〈輸情歌〉,一度以為 J.Sheon 要步上嚴爵的後塵。但〈輸情歌〉本身是個幌子,借由芭樂歌的形式,哈拉大家始終愛聽芭樂情歌而對(也已不真的算)新潮的 urban 樂風冷淡(至少比黃立行唱「還有誰相信Hip-Hop是我們的未來」的年代好多了啦)。而「更深入生活與內心」,真的就衹是歌詞的題材「更深入」J.Sheon 的「生活與內心」,《巷子內》依然延續了首張專輯的 Contemporary R&B 樂風。


J. Sheon, who gained his urban music influence during his 8-year stay in New York, is an uprising singer-songwriter star in the mandopop scene. He first rose to fame by covering and rearranging ballads in R’n’B/Hip-hop style on his Youtube channel, and later released his eponymous debut album, which was co-produced with veteran beatmaker Razor Chiang, to much critical acclaim.

With the press release for his latest album The Alley stating that it would “delve deeper into the singer’s life and soul” (an euphemism in the Chinese music industry for going all-ballad), and the aptly-named lead single ‘Ballad’ ditching rhythm and beats in favour of guitar and string arrangements, one could not be faulted for thinking that he has gone soft for his second album. But while ‘Ballad’ turns out to be a self-deprecating satire on the average mandopop listener’s preference for ballad over beat, the tagline “delve deeper into the singer’s life and soul” is taken in a more literal sense, drawing upon snapshots of his (and his musical accomplices’) everyday life and experience both descript and nondescript..

Nothing much has changed: The Alley is a continuation of the potent contemporary R’n’B sound of his first album. “Ghetto brothers are not just impoverished but also romantic” is the recurring tag in the album: As there are aggressive ghetto beats in ‘Razor’, ‘You Asking for It’, there are also romantic soulful melodies in ‘Charm’, ‘Ain’t What it Seems’. Special mention to trio ballad ‘Off You Go’, which uses seemingly off-the-cuff banter and squabble rather than elaborate vocal arrangements to develop its musical narrative. Even if the insider tales and jokes are unfathomable to many, the orthodoxically-urban yet sonically-modern sound of The Alley is still sonically engaging in its own right to even the casual listener.

Fresh 指數 Rating:8 /10

推薦 Replay 曲目
〈不管他嗑了什麼都給我來一點 Feeling Good〉 詞:J.Sheon、BCW、Robert “B.Morales” Hobart、Reeny Smith 曲:J.Sheon、Robert “B.Morales” Hobart、Reeny Smith  編曲:陳璿翔 製作:剃刀蔣 饒舌: BCW
〈慢走不送 Off You Go〉 詞:J.Sheon 曲:J.Sheon、馬仕釗、羅維真、剃刀蔣  編曲:馬仕釗、剃刀蔣 製作:羅維真、馬仕釗 合唱:馬仕釗、艾怡良
〈看起來不錯其實也還好 Ain’t What it Seems〉 詞:J.Sheon 曲:J.Sheon、王昭權、賴暐哲  編曲:賴暐哲 製作:賴暐哲
〈畫面太美不敢直視 Love Her Like That〉 詞:剃刀蔣、J.Sheon 曲:米奇林、宋秉勤  編曲:海大富 製作:米奇林
〈欠處理 You Asking For It〉 詞:J.Sheon、Robert “B.Morales” Hobart、Reeny Smith 曲:J.Sheon、Robert “B.Morales” Hobart、Reeny Smith  編曲:Robert “B.Morales” Hobart 製作:剃刀蔣

建議 Skip 曲目:無

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