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Fresh 試聽 Review:魚條 Fish Stick《治本 Antidote》

20200419 fish stick

發行 Label:擎天娛樂 Skyhigh Entertainment
製作 Production Unit:大紅國際娛樂
製作總監 Production Supervisor:沈光遠 Shen Kuang-Yuan、羅紘武 Lo Hung-Wu
製作人 Producer:張皓棠 Dennis Chang、鄭平 Ping Cheng


魚條的主唱兼吉他手 Dennis,即是美秀集團《Sound Check》與《電火王》的製作人;因此不意外的,同樣由 Dennis 擔任製作的首張專輯《治本》,手法與美秀集團的作品相同,帶著各種音樂元素的混搭編排,歌詞題材也多直白了當。不同的是,美秀集團截取的台灣本土流行音樂的元素,而魚條截取的元素更偏「西方」的後龐克搖滾與舞曲,然而演唱的旋律更貼近東瀛與中文流行樂,故《治本》聽來頗有 J-rock 之感。

初聽這張專輯,不免被曲目編排與歌曲本身不斷切換曲風與情緒的目眩神迷所電到,甚至如〈愁〉與〈我討厭的是你的基因〉已分不清曲目的切換點在哪裡,搭配時而直白時而詩化、時而吐露時而反芻的歌詞,猶如經歷一場冰火五重天(想必 live 效果應該更爆)。然而以錄音作品而言,越熟悉這張專輯,越對專輯整體的高動態產生一種燥膩感(又很不巧最高動態的曲目集中在專輯前半段),也越意識到音樂之於樂團形象欠缺一種標誌性(美秀集團的現代台客形象就非常強烈)。但在旋律普遍雷同貧瘠的現代中文流行音樂,能在《治本》聽見獨特且超過半張易記的旋律,也顯示了魚條流行的潛力。

The Taiwan indie band Fish Stick (魚條), which recently released their debut album Antidote (治本), is helmed by Dennis Chang, who also happens to be the producer of another uprising Taiwanese band Amazing Show (美秀集團)’s award-winning debut album King of Light (電火王). Therefore, it should be no surprise that both bands bear some similarities: Their musical style is a syncretic blend of various musical genres (Taiwanese pop music for Amazing Show, and post-punk/dance for Fish Stick), and their lyrics direct on the verge of being uncouth. While the musical style of Fish Stick draws more from western influences as compared to Amazing Show, the melodies are much reminiscent of East Asian pop music, which leads to a rather “J-Rock” sound on the whole.

The album (and even some songs within themselves) features several dramatic twists of musical genres and turns of emotions, to the point where it might be difficult to distinguish where one song ends and the next begins. While this may be dazzling and impressive (some may even call it experimental) on the first listen, the high dynamic range of the album quickly leads to fatigue on repeated listens (it does not help that the most intense songs are placed at the start of the album). Repeated listens also reveal a lack of unique identity that would make Fish Stick memorable amongst the increasing multitude of indie bands in Taiwan. Nonetheless, the melodies are unique and hooky in their own right (you can be sure that you’ll remember more than half the tunes after a few listens), which highlights Fish Stick’s potential to be a hit band if they manage to settle on a unique memorable identity.

Fresh 指數 Rating:7 /10

〈哭你一條河 Cry You a River〉 詞:張皓棠 曲:張皓棠  編曲:魚條 製作:張皓棠
〈我討厭的是你的基因 Your Genes Disgust Me〉 詞:張皓棠 曲:張皓棠  編曲:魚條 製作:鄭平、張皓棠
〈治本 Antidote〉 詞:張皓棠 曲:張皓棠  編曲:魚條 製作:鄭平、張皓棠
〈行前準備 The Preparation〉 詞:張皓棠 曲:張皓棠  編曲:魚條 製作:張皓棠

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