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Fresh 試聽 Review:楊丞琳 Rainie Yang《刪·拾以後 Delete Reset Grow》


發行 Label:EMI / 環球音樂 Universal Music
製作 Production Unit:樹與天空娛樂 Tree & Skyline Entertainment
專輯製作人:楊丞琳 Rainie Yang
製作人 Producer:馮翰銘 Alex Fung @ TheInvisibleMen、陳綺貞 Cheer Chen、陳珊妮 Sandee Chan、ØZI、呂康惟 Kang Lu、陳君豪 Howe、徐佳瑩 Lala Hsu、陳建騏 George Chen、韓立康 HLK、魏如萱 Waa Wei、許哲珮 Peggy Hsu
配唱製作人 Vocal Producer:ØZI、剃刀蔣 Razor Chiang


楊丞琳的「半熟」轉型過程在 2011 年的《仰望》已完成。此後的專輯整體上看似在走一樣的路數,但楊丞琳這階段的重大成長,在於逐漸拿回自己音樂的話語權,這張《刪·拾以後》算是這階段的集大全製作,由她親口邀來九組製作團隊,依據她的觀點與經歷,打造 9+1 首單曲。筆者看過太多歌手拿到製作話語權失守的案例,而《刪·拾以後》並非其中之一,我想除了楊丞琳相當清楚自己要的是什麼,也未為了推翻而推翻,而是在她拿手的抒情基本盤上持續精進。

因此《刪·拾以後》的形象還是與楊丞琳的前幾張專輯相同,有 soft rock 的〈節日快樂〉、〈不可惜〉,有抒情的〈獻醜〉、〈泥土〉,有輕快的〈刪·拾〉、〈煉愛〉。帶有固執心機的〈節日快樂〉與滿不在乎的〈空空〉是當中的小驚喜。或許請來了九組音樂人卻做出一張 same-same 的專輯令人有些失落,而她後期專輯的順序性比較難免覺得變化不大,但若與 2011 年的《仰望》比較,不難發現音樂與歌詞上更趨於內省(反倒是標榜「吾日三省吾身」的專輯抒情的成分大於省思),歌手形象更為立體,這些都是無數的小步纍積出的一大步。而且,《刪·拾以後》是楊丞琳出道迄今最順暢最誠摯的一次歌唱表現。

While Rainie Yang was touted as a cutie idol in the early days of her showbiz career, she finally completed her transformation (or rather, a return to self) into a lightly-sophisticated female with 2011’s “Longing for Rainie”. While it appears that her musical style and image have remained pretty much the same thereafter, in the background she has been increasingly involved with the direction and production of her albums. Her efforts have culminated in her latest release “Delete Reset Grow”, where she personally invited nine production teams to work on nine songs, based on her ideas and experiences on love and life.

As far as singers who are not professionally trained instrumentalists/producers go, most attempts to gain control over their own music production have resulted in flops. Rainie Yang is one of the rare exceptions. Probably the main reason is because her latest offering has largely stuck to the archetypes of her offerings since “Longing for Rainie”, comprising a mix of ballads, soft rock and light brisk beats. That said, Rainie has also been clear about her preference for certain musical genres and the messages she wished to convey through her songs, as evidenced by her previous albums “A Tale of two Rainie” and “Traces of Time in Love”. Two surprises also await: The upbeat R’n’B number “Love is Love” from the acclaimed urban newcomer ØZI, and the nonchalent “Clueless” from quirky shapeshifting musician Waa Wei.

One might be disappointed by the apparent sameness of “Delete Reset Grow” to her previous offerings since 2011’s “Longing for Rainie”. However, if one directly compares her latest offering to “Longing for Rainie”, one can’t help but notice the difference: She has become more introspective (she now sings about what she has learnt from love rather than the experience of love itself), and her image has become more full-bodied (as compared to her earlier days where she was packaged as a cutie idol, or even a lightly-sophisticated female). It is a testament to the small incremental steps of improvement she has taken with each new offering. And indeed, Rainie’s vocal performance in “Delete Reset Grow” is the best yet.

Fresh 指數 Rating:7.5 /10

〈節日快樂 Celebration of Oneself〉 詞:陳綺貞 曲:陳綺貞  編曲:陳君豪 製作:陳綺貞
〈刪·拾 Delete, Reset〉 詞:陳珊妮 曲:陳珊妮  編曲:周菲比 製作:陳珊妮
〈Love Is Love〉 詞:ØZI 曲:ØZI  編曲:ØZI、海大富 製作:ØZI
〈空空 Clueless〉 詞:魏如萱 曲:魏如萱、韓立康  編曲:韓立康 製作:魏如萱、韓立康
〈泥土 Nutrients〉 詞:許哲珮 曲:許哲珮  編曲:奧斯卡 製作:許哲珮

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