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Fresh 試聽 Review:邱比 Chiu-Pi《至繁 LE MONDE》


20200226 chiu pi

發行 Label:滾石電音 ROKON Records
製作人 Producer:邱比 Chiu-Pi



《至繁》上半張宛如從《正正》之極簡到《中離》之絢麗的一場總回顧,下半張則祭出 ethereal wave 與 avant pop/rock 等充斥著 90 年代的另類流行曲風,是邱比的音樂在技法之外的一次實質躍進,也著實讓人想起王菲(以前人們說邱比多像王菲,其實之前一點都不像)。但,這些流行歌曲仍執意使用「原始音色」與 MIDI 編曲,配上不太精良的混音,使得部分歌曲與現今的流行歌曲比起來,顯得有製作上的美中不足,不似上張《至繁》起碼還有一體成型的概念與聽覺支撐著。


Those in-the-know will agree that Chiu-Pi is one of the most peculiar yet captivating indie-electronica singer-songwriters in the mandarin music scene. The sense of peculiarity not only manifests itself in the air of spirituality present (in both form and feel) in his avant-garde music and performances, but also in his philosophies of music production: that pop music is largely defined by its emphasis on vocals, that raw synthesizer preset sounds embody the sound of vintage classics in the modern era, etc. Compared to Martyr which merely emphasizes his vocals while retaining his idiosyncratic musical form, LE MONDE brings forth a more conventional representation of pop music in its theme (about affection and relationships), melody, and genres.

The first half of LE MONDE recaps his musical journey from the minimalistic Zang Zang to the seclusive Martyr, while the second half sees him unveiling ethereal wave and avant-garde pop/rock songs which hark back to the mandopop scene of the 90s hailed by pop diva Faye Wong (any prior comparison between Chiu-Pi and Faye Wong is misguided in my opinion). While Chiu-Pi has continually experimented with technique and form in his past few albums, this represents for him the greatest musical shift in substance thus far. However, the downplaying of his unique indie electronica style unwittingly accentuates the imperfections in production technique, to cite a few: the continued use of raw sounding synth textures, keyboards/programming in place of session players for drum/guitar instrumentation, and mixes which sound unpolished for what aspires to be pop production.

LE MONDE can be seen as an attempt by Chiu-Pi to engage the masses. In the same-titled closing song ‘LE MONDE’, he writes, however, that “forgive me for pushing you away, because I’m not used to this kind of affection”. This might seem paradoxical, but there is a difference between pandering to the masses, and bringing them along to unchartered aesthetic and sonic territories. Despite making “pop music” this time round, there still is no question on his individual and unique spiritual brio.

Fresh 指數 Rating:7 /10

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