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Fresh 試聽 Review:鄭宜農 Enno Cheng《給天王星 Dear Uranus》

20200328 Enno Cheng DearUranus

發行 Label:火氣音樂 Fire On Music
專輯製作人 Album Producer:鄭宜農 Enno Cheng、陳建騏 George Chen
製作人 Producer:何俊葦 Chun Ho、王昱辰 Yuchain Wang、鄭宜農 Enno Cheng、林泰羽 The Crane、盧律銘 Luming Lu、黃浩庭 Haoting Huang、魯綱宇 KangYu Lu、陳建騏 George Chen
配唱製作人 Vocal Producer:王昱辰 Yuchain Wang、陳建騏 George Chen、何俊葦 Chun Ho、林泰羽 The Crane、盧律銘 Luming Lu、黃浩庭 Haoting Huang



從 folk 的《海王星》、indie pop 的《Pluto》、到這張涵蓋多種曲風,且更準確拿捏流行形象的《給天王星》,鄭宜農無論是在詞作的選材與對象,或是在音樂的流行悅耳度上,已逐漸凝聚了吸引力,看似獨身姿態,但已不再是一顆寂寞的行星。專輯中最受矚目的當屬三首優美又異類的新式臺語歌,但大多其餘曲目未因此而顯得遜色,除卻曲目編排稍嫌不順的問題,《給天王星》的內容與情緒是完整的,當中的辯證過程,在收場曲〈千千萬萬〉的「那是真心,真心嚮往,於是發光」中,得到解答。

Everyone needs some form of comforting nowadays. Let’s acknowledge that we are on some level tired of the negative messages and images we are constantly bombarded with, even as such portrayals in art forms are held to high regard by critics for their supposed truthfulness and viscerality. On the other hand, idyllic images that are detached from reality does not do much for anyone. In these times, the latest album Dear Uranus from Taiwanese folk singer-songwriter Enno Cheng is the comfort that we have been looking for: Warm, livid and sincere. The positive warmth in this album does not come from wishful thinking; Instead, it is the result of navigating through life and internal struggles.

Enno Cheng started off with the folk-rock Neptune in 2011 and, after forming the rock band “Chocolate Tiger” and releasing two albums under that moniker, released the indie-electronica-pop Pluto. While her latest offering Dear Uranus is a continuation of the electronica-with-a-tinge-of-orchestral sound of Pluto, it also sees her fully embracing the notion of “pop”: She shifts the subjects of her writing from “me” to “you” and “we”, and the compositions in this album are the most diverse yet catchy in her personal repertoire yet. The three compositions sung in her Taiwanese mother tongue (“At a Rainy Night”, “Abyssal Zone”, “Jade”) are the highlights of the album, shedding the dated aesthetics of Taiwanese pop songs for a more modern electronic-pop sound, yet retaining its beautiful melodics dear to traditional listeners. The other compositions do not pale in comparison either, though the sequencing of tracks leave much to be desired.

Nonetheless, Dear Uranus is complete in its contextual and emotional depiction of the lives of young Taiwanese. Despite naming her albums after planets cold and distant, her works have gradually accumulated the gravitas of a star, attracting many who similarly seem isolated yet share the same life experiences. The journey culminates in the finale “Lightyears of Solitude”, where she writes: “each speck is a heart, each heart has a yearning desire, and the yearning desires makes all of us shine”. It is this positive warmth that makes the album so livid and sincere.

Fresh 指數 Rating:8.5 /10

〈街仔路雨落袂停 At a Rainy Night (Would You Walk Me Home?)〉 詞:鄭宜農、陳嫺靜 曲:鄭宜農、陳嫺靜  編曲:何俊葦、王昱辰 製作:何俊葦、王昱辰、鄭宜農  合唱:陳嫺靜
〈去你的旅程 Almost Made It〉 詞:鄭宜農 曲:鄭宜農  編曲:魯綱宇 製作:魯綱宇
〈玉仔的心 Jade〉 詞:鄭宜農 曲:鄭宜農  編曲:林泰羽 製作:林泰羽
〈千千萬萬 Lightyears of Solitude〉 詞:鄭宜農 曲:鄭宜農  編曲:何俊葦、王昱辰、鄭宜農 製作:何俊葦、王昱辰、鄭宜農

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