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Fresh 試聽 Review:熱寫生 Heat Sketch《豆皮少年 Yuba Youth》

20200420 heat sketch

發行 Label:自主練習工作室 Autonomy in Practice Studio / Seed Toss
製作人 Producer:王昱辰 Yuchain Wang


初聽熱寫生是在玉成戲院《Cinema Sessions》的現場錄音合輯裡,當時的印象介於傷心欲絕的風格與草東沒有派對的聽覺,雖然演唱方面相當粗躁(對是躁,但也可以是糙),但朗朗上口的簡單旋律與輕盈跳躍的律動感相當討喜,而充滿自省與敘述詞句的超現實式詞作則有種「後厭世」的龐克文青美,整體感覺對準了傷心欲絕、午夜乒乓、透明雜誌等歌迷的喜好。


以單曲形式聆聽《豆皮少年》的歌曲相當勾人,有某種以微甜包裝後厭世氛圍的反帶美感,但聽畢專輯難免覺得熱寫生在音樂寫作的部分仍需補強豐富。因此,買這張實體專輯最大的 bonus 就是為了歌詞本裡可愛的極簡拙劣風格插畫,有貓就給加分,來不及買到的歌迷趕快集氣推出平裝版吧。

I first caught wind of Heat Sketch (熱寫生) via the live recording compilation Cinema Sessions produced by Yucheng Recording studio (玉成戲院錄音室), which aims to record indie bands and musicians in their formative years. There, Heat Sketch was in their rawest form, with a sound hovering between folk and indie-rock, and rather coarse vocal arrangements and performances. Their simple musical style shines through however, with simple catchy folk-rock melodies and crisp tangy rhythms, and a surreal lyrical style full of introspection and abstract narratives that can best be thought of as an aftermath of the Taedium vitae movement (post-Taedium vitae?) that was all the vogue in the Taiwanese indie music circles a few years back. All in all, it reminded me much of folk-punk/pop-punk bands such as Touming Magazine (透明雜誌), Wayne‘s So Sad (傷心欲絕) and Midnight Ping-Pong (午夜乒乓), which themselves have a rather large indie following.

The debut album “Yuba Youth” (豆皮少年) is much more polished, having been produced by acclaimed indie music producer Yuchain Wang (王昱辰), who is well-known for his collaborative approach in production and instrumentation, and for sharpening the musical style and abilities of musicians he works with. The results are prominent: The instrumentation and arrangements are more layered and full-bodied, and the vocal arrangements and performances are much more subtle. Sure Heat Sketch may lost some of that punk-edge in their Cinema Sessions tracks, but that “edge” and “coarseness” was more of a flaw than anything else, hence there is no loss in that; in fact Yuba Youth has made Heat Sketch more accessible to the casual listener. What’s more important is that the attractive bits (catchy melodies, tangy rhythms, surreal lyrics) are present and even enhanced in Yuba Youth.

Each track in the album is attractive in their own right. As an album, however, one can’t help but to feel that the album lacks some variety. Perhaps the band is more concerned with depicting a depicting a disequilibrium between the delightful folk-rock sound and the surreal lyrics; that’s fine. That said, one major draw for buying the album in its physical release is the (also delightful) minimalist-awkward illustrations drawn by the vocalist-songwriter (曾立宇). And there are cats! Extra points for cats.

Fresh 指數 Rating:7 /10

〈愛與膠囊 Youth and Capsules〉 詞:曾立宇 曲:曾立宇  編曲:熱寫生、王昱辰 製作:王昱辰
〈在船底搔癢 Underwater Tickling〉 詞:曾立宇 曲:曾立宇、阮莉惠  編曲:熱寫生、王昱辰 製作:王昱辰
〈塔悠 Tayo〉 詞:曾立宇 曲:曾立宇  編曲:熱寫生、王昱辰 製作:王昱辰
〈豆皮少年 Pt.1 Yuba Youth〉 詞:曾立宇 曲:曾立宇  編曲:熱寫生、王昱辰 製作:王昱辰
〈每朝換季練習 Daily Practice〉 詞:曾立宇 曲:阮莉惠  編曲:熱寫生、王昱辰 製作:王昱辰

建議 Skip 曲目:無


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